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Introducing AppleTV - An Honest Look

Now that most of the initial furor has died down, I think it’s time to write an article about the AppleTV. Why an article now – on a device released months ago and overanalyzed by both press and users alike? I believe that I and others who have had the AppleTV for a while now have enough experience with it to properly review it.

Change Your Default Web Browser and Email Client

You can come across links to web pages and email addresses in everything from Word files to PDFs these days. When you click the links, your Mac opens the website or email message in your default web browser and email client, which by default is set to Safari and Apple's Mail. But what if you use Firefox or another web browser? What happens if you use another email client to send and receive email messages? In that case, you'll want to change your Mac's default web browser and email client.

Here's how to do it:

12 Step Program for Recovering Windows Users

There was once a time in my life when I’d wake up in the morning with bloodshot eyes, a headache and a sore back. This was not, unfortunately, due to my endless partying with co-eds, rather it was the result of my endless battle with my Windows PC. Whether it was trying to get my printer to work, or trying to track down a driver, or even contemplating whether I should throw my PC out the window because I’d received the “blue screen of death” - the problems just never seemed to stop! Those days, however, are a distant memory, because I now own a shiny MacBook Pro.

Ten Indispensable iTunes Tips

A coworker recently told us that "iTunes is a pretty straightforward application." He's right, of course - it is pretty straightforward after you get the hang of it. And undoubtedly most people will be satisfied with merely purchasing and playing songs, creating playlists, and burning CDs. For those who want to go a little further, however, we offer these ten indispensable iTunes tips to make your Mac music-listening experience even better!

1. Set the iTunes Equalizer

A Beginner's Guide to Quicksilver

Quicksilver is a freeware application launcher and productivity program for Mac OS X. With a couple of keystrokes, you can quickly and effortlessly start applications, open files and folders, move things around on your Mac, and even navigate your iTunes library - all without using your mouse! Quicksilver integrates seamlessly with Mac OS X and most popular Mac applications. With a little practice, using Quicksilver will become second nature, and you'll be using it without even knowing it.

Use iPhoto to Make So-So Pictures Super Cool

If you listen to the digital photography experts, even the well-meaning experts, you might walk away thinking that unless you use expensive software like Aperture or Photoshop, you cannot possibly make art or even a decent image with cheap applications like iPhoto. We've never listened to the so-called "experts" much, so believe us when we say that ignoring the "experts" can give you an edge in creating really beautiful art!

Create Printing Profiles

Do you print to color printers, but only want to print in black and white? Or do you sometimes want to duplex or staple your print jobs? Chances are you'll want to do all of these things from time to time, and you'll want to save the settings for reference later. Well, now you can!

Printing profiles are a quick and easy way to save settings that you frequently use, but would like to retrieve without having to try and remember. No more looking around and saying, "Now where was that option to print on both sides of the page?"

Use PithHelmet to Block Internet Ads

Ever wonder how to block advertising on websites? If you're a Safari user, all you need is PithHelmet, a practically essential plug-in for Safari that is available at PithHelmet is free to download and try, but we'd encourage you to drop the $10 for a license. It is quite a powerful tool, as you'll soon see.

Indispensable Tips for New Mac Users

You've just made the leap from Windows to the Macintosh. Great, but now what?

Everything is going well. There's no useless Windows key, and the controls for all the windows are on the left. It took a little while to get used to those minor differences, but in the end you realized that the differences are just that - minor. So what's so great about Macs? Sure, the Aqua interface is pretty and has none of those pesky Windows error messages, but it's just a computer. Right? And frankly, you're a little confused by all the brouhaha from the whole "rabid Mac community."

Customize Your Mac's Icons

Using custom icons has always been an easy way to spice up your Mac -- even prior to Mac OS X! In our opinion, Mac OS X finally made icons beautiful. It's so easy change your icons that we're always surprised when fellow Mac users marvel at our icons.

Here's what our user folder looks like:

Note the folder for our blog is a big truck -- something Ted Stevens assured the nation that the Internet is not.

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