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Do More With Dashboard

Dashboard is one of the coolest Mac applications, isn't it? It's easy-to-use, it's beautiful, and it wows your PC-using friends every time. With the push of a button, all of your widgets zoom into view and you have information at your fingertips!

If you pack your Dashboard with widgets, like we do ours, you're probably looking to trick out your 'board even more. You know -- take things even further to wow your friends again and again. We've got just the tips for you.

File Taxes With Your Mac

Mark Twain said that the only inevitabilities in life are death and taxes. We're certainly not about to argue against those words of wisdom! But as tax day in the United States fast approaches (it's April 17, 2007), we would like to know how to file our taxes as quickly and painlessly as possible. One thing we don't want to do is use the standard government-issue paperwork. It's too complicated, too time-consuming, and too conducive to errors. We're looking for a simple, quick, and accurate solution!

Synchronize your Mac's Clock with a Time Server

It happens to the best of us: We purchase new Macs and everything is fine. But then, slowly and inevitably, our Macs' clocks start losing time -- a minute here, a minute there, and before we know it our clocks are substantially slower than their accurate counterparts. How do you fix this? Synchronize your Mac's clock with a time server!

How to Backup Your Mac Using Rsync

Please also take a look at Macinstruct's other backup article: Mac Backup Basics.

Do you manually back up your Mac to an external hard drive? Do you know it is very easy to make automatic backups without spending any time or money on fancy applications? We'll show you how to do it!

Stupid Apple Remote Tricks

[Editor's Note, 1/4/2012: Sadly, the Apple Remote no longer comes bundled with most new Macs, but you can still purchase one here.]

How to Resize the Dock

The Dock is an application launcher that normally resides at the bottom of your desktop. Most of us know and love this integral part of Mac OS X, but sometimes the Dock gets in the way. Fortunately, resizing or hiding the Dock is easy. We'll show you how to do it.

This is the Dock. A black triangle under an icon indicates that the program is running:

How to Right-Click in Mac OS X

For as long as anybody can remember, the Mac mouse has had one button and the PC mouse has had two. Why? Apple presumably felt that a one-button mouse was simpler and more efficient, and nearly every other hardware manufacturer thought that more functionality could be crammed into additional mouse buttons.

Battle of the buttons? A standard two-button mouse and the Apple ADB Mouse II.

A Guide to Great Mac Books

We’re not going to do any conjecturing as to why, but it seems like some of the best computer books you can buy are written about the Mac. We’d like to think that the platform simply attracts the most talented and creative writers. Here’s a brief guide to some of the Mac’s most popular authors and publishers.

Not Really For Dummies

Mac Advocacy in a Windows World

This article is not a Windows Platform bashing arena. Nor is it an elitist meeting area to puff each other up and reassure one another. If you want affirmation, find a counseling group. This is a venue to examine how people do what they do on a daily basis. To have people think about how they accomplish their objectives and to lend insight to how they can do these tasks better and, dare I say, enjoy them. I think we all have much to say about Apple, the Macintosh computer, and the world in which Macintosh users are required to live.

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