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Making the Most of Time Machine

In an earlier article, I gave an overview of Apple’s Time Machine backup solution. Today we’re going to go a bit deeper. This won’t be a tutorial on how to use Time Machine, because the interface is pretty simple. Instead, we’ll show you some of the more advanced options. We’ll also see why the format of your drive makes a difference and even take a trip through the steps needed for network backup.

Who the Heck Even Needs Time Machine?

Whipping Boy

I have taught in college for more than 40 years, and the Longsuffering Diana has taught in our public elementary schools for more than 20 years. That’s more than 60 years in the classroom, more than 60 years of frustration and, sometimes, elation. So when I say that we know something about education, I hope you will agree that we have real “street cred.” We can talk the talk because we have walked the walk.

7 Little Leopard Niceties

Much has been made of Mac OS X Leopard and its major new features. In fact, if you know anything at all about Apple's new operating system, you can probably name most of the big changes. Time Machine, Spaces, Stacks, and Cover Flow in the Finder are but a few of the major features. (We even covered these in our Mac OS X Leopard introduction article.) But what about everything else? With over 300 new features, it's hard to know where to start exploring your Mac's new operating system.


Where to start with this Bush crowd?

It’s a smorgasbord of shame, a cornucopia of corruption. Where to start? Iraq? Or how about its more focused scandals, like Blackwater’s shootings, Halliburton’s gouging, or Abu Ghraib? Katrina? Signing statements? Neocon designs on Iran?

A paralysis sets in: where to start?

Anza-Where? Desert State Park

A couple of weeks ago, Shea hit the road again, back to Southern California on his Fall Break at UNM. (Readers of this space know that SoCal is one of his favorite haunts.) My plan this time was to spend a couple of days in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Mac Your Xbox 360

If you're a Mac user who owns an Xbox 360, you're probably hankering to get your computer and game station talking to one another. After all, both of these powerful machines are capable of playing games, music, and video content. Why not share content between your Mac and Xbox 360? If you're looking for solutions, we have some answers for you. These tips aren't perfect -- there's still a lot that can be done in the way of developing applications that can facilitate communication between the two devices.

Age... and Age

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” (Satchel Paige)

Say hello to Mac OS X Leopard

Today, Apple will once again show that they’re good to the core as they let the latest cat, Leopard, out of the bag. Mac OS X 10.5 will show the world that even though they removed the word Computer from their name, Apple hasn’t fallen far from that tree.

Speed Up Your Sluggish Mac

Remember when you first bought your shiny new Mac a couple years ago? It was snappy, speedy, and responsive -- so responsive that at times it actually seemed to know what you were thinking. These days, however, it seems to be anything but speedy. Indeed, your aging Mac is now the epitome of slow. And more and more you're finding that your Mac is unbearably sluggish and difficult to use.

Make a Mac Web Server with MAMP and Wordpress

MAMP stands for Mac, Apache, PHP and MySQL, and installing it on your Mac creates a development environment for testing many of our favorite tools. You can do everything from browsing simple PHP files to testing complicated MySQL database driven applications right on your hard drive.

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