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Add Extra Fans to Your Mac

Summer's finally here! Soon we'll hear kids laughing and playing in pools, smell burgers and 'dogs on the grill, feel pimped-out 4-door sedans blasting rap songs, and listen to people complaining about how their new air conditioner conked out on the hottest day of the year.

SoCal I

Having a friend in L.A., another in South Laguna, and a son in San Diego, I have over the years become a real aficionado of Southern California.

I know that SoCal is an easy target for critics: ticky-tacky sprawl, the kingdom of the mall, developers on a roll, freeways out of control (you see that it even inspires its own doggerel). But that is only half of it. There is solitude and spectacle abounding. And the roads—oh, the off-the-interstate roads! Well, we’ll get to those.

Use iPhoto to Make So-So Pictures Super Cool

If you listen to the digital photography experts, even the well-meaning experts, you might walk away thinking that unless you use expensive software like Aperture or Photoshop, you cannot possibly make art or even a decent image with cheap applications like iPhoto. We've never listened to the so-called "experts" much, so believe us when we say that ignoring the "experts" can give you an edge in creating really beautiful art!


I did it. I retired about two weeks ago and it seems fitting that I mark the occasion in this cyber journal or whatever you want to call it. I am now a retiree, official senior citizen, duffer, old fart, whatever.

Free Flickr Apps For Your Mac

If you have a Mac and a digital camera, you probably know a thing or two about managing digital photos. Of course, iPhoto is a wonderful application that does a great job of managing photos on your Mac. But when it comes to sharing your photos with friends and family members, iPhoto comes up short, especially if you decided to forgo the expensive .Mac subscription.

Create Printing Profiles

Do you print to color printers, but only want to print in black and white? Or do you sometimes want to duplex or staple your print jobs? Chances are you'll want to do all of these things from time to time, and you'll want to save the settings for reference later. Well, now you can!

Printing profiles are a quick and easy way to save settings that you frequently use, but would like to retrieve without having to try and remember. No more looking around and saying, "Now where was that option to print on both sides of the page?"

Use BBEdit's Clippings Menu to Optimize Workflow

We've written a lot about TextWrangler, the free text editor from Bare Bones Software. In fact, we like TextWrangler so much that we included it in our list of 20 must-have Mac apps. But if you're a Mac power-user or programmer, there's nothing like BBEdit - TextWrangler's big brother. It has all sorts of cool stuff, like the clipping menu.

World’s Worst Poet

Give ear, Gentle Reader:

And the Tower of London is most gloomy to behold
And the crown of England lies there, begemmed with precious stones and gold.
King Henry the Sixth was murdered there by the Duke of Glo’ster,
And when he killed him with his sword he called him an imposter.

Twenty Must-Have Mac Apps

Every Mac you can buy these days comes pre-installed with powerful and practical applications. You get the amazing iLife suite as well as other applications like Safari and In fact, Macs include so much software that you could probably do practically everything you need to do without ever downloading or purchasing another application.

Use PithHelmet to Block Internet Ads

Ever wonder how to block advertising on websites? If you're a Safari user, all you need is PithHelmet, a practically essential plug-in for Safari that is available at PithHelmet is free to download and try, but we'd encourage you to drop the $10 for a license. It is quite a powerful tool, as you'll soon see.

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