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Customize Your Mac's Icons

Using custom icons has always been an easy way to spice up your Mac -- even prior to Mac OS X! In our opinion, Mac OS X finally made icons beautiful. It's so easy change your icons that we're always surprised when fellow Mac users marvel at our icons.

Here's what our user folder looks like:

Note the folder for our blog is a big truck -- something Ted Stevens assured the nation that the Internet is not.

The I-Man Goeth

(Can you stand one more column about Don Imus, Gentle Reader? That’s what I thought. Well, since you are staring at the monitor anyway you can do some surfing, play Tetris, whatever, while I indulge myself. You won’t hurt my feelings.)

Better Internet Printing With Mac OS X Services

One of the more frustrating aspects of the Internet is printing those darn webpages! Sure, some websites have helpful "Print" links that take you to pages specially formatted for printing, but many sites don't provide such help. (Yes, Macinstruct is guilty as charged!) If you've ever tried to print a webpage and had half the page chopped off, this tip is for you.

Do More With Dashboard

Dashboard is one of the coolest Mac applications, isn't it? It's easy-to-use, it's beautiful, and it wows your PC-using friends every time. With the push of a button, all of your widgets zoom into view and you have information at your fingertips!

If you pack your Dashboard with widgets, like we do ours, you're probably looking to trick out your 'board even more. You know -- take things even further to wow your friends again and again. We've got just the tips for you.

Advanced AirPort Extreme Configuration

In last's week Nerdification Station, we covered AirPort Extreme basics. We showed you how to use the Airport Utility for the first time, and we walked you through the entire AirPort Extreme set up procedure. If you read that article and followed along with your own AirPort Extreme Base Station, you should have a working, password-protected wireless network.

Healthcare in America: Get It or Die!

It's no secret that in this country of wealth and global power we are facing an internal crisis. The crisis I speak of is not poverty, it is not adult illiteracy, it isn't even that horrible grinding noise I hear when I'm too drunk to work the clutch. No, the crisis I speak of today is one that will eventually decide the fate of every man, woman, and child in the USA. I'm talking about the state of American Healthcare, which may or may not include something called H-M-O, if my employed friends are telling me the truth.

File Taxes With Your Mac

Mark Twain said that the only inevitabilities in life are death and taxes. We're certainly not about to argue against those words of wisdom! But as tax day in the United States fast approaches (it's April 17, 2007), we would like to know how to file our taxes as quickly and painlessly as possible. One thing we don't want to do is use the standard government-issue paperwork. It's too complicated, too time-consuming, and too conducive to errors. We're looking for a simple, quick, and accurate solution!

Running a Requiem, Singing a Marathon

I am runner and a singer. More specifically, I run marathons and I sing (bass) with the University of New Mexico Chorus. I ran my first marathon—the Duke City, here in Albuquerque—in 1986, I joined the chorus a couple of years later, and here I am in 2007 still running and still singing. Early on I began to note similarities between the two avocations.

Keep Track of People with Address Book

Every Mac ships with a great little organization application called Address Book. This Apple program can help you keep track of friends and family, and it integrates seamlessly with other Apple applications, like Mail.

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