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Introducing Revolution: The New HyperCard

First a little nostalgia. Back several years ago, prior to the emergence of OS X, there was a widely used, widely popular and widely supported Apple program called HyperCard. It made its appearance in the late '80s and I was one of its biggest advocates. For several years, though a licensed architect, I made my living creating HyperCard stacks of a highly sophisticated nature. This was in the era of the Mac SE30 with its dinky little black and white 9-inch screen, and a 16 MHz processor without a built-in hard drive. HyperCard and my programs ran off of 3.5 inch floppy disks.

A Message From Our Founder and President

I know what you're thinking. This message, like most "Welcome Back" messages, is going to be some cheesy come-on full of emotion and set to elevator muzak. You're thinking I'm going to tell you how great I am, how wonderful Macinstruct was in the past, and how incredible it will be in the future.

Fortunately for both of us, I'm not going to write a message like that.

Mac Advocacy in a Windows World

This article is not a Windows Platform bashing arena. Nor is it an elitist meeting area to puff each other up and reassure one another. If you want affirmation, find a counseling group. This is a venue to examine how people do what they do on a daily basis. To have people think about how they accomplish their objectives and to lend insight to how they can do these tasks better and, dare I say, enjoy them. I think we all have much to say about Apple, the Macintosh computer, and the world in which Macintosh users are required to live.

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