How to Check Your MacBook's Battery Health

  Matt Cone       January 16, 2021

If your MacBook’s battery life seems to be getting shorter and shorter, it might be time to check your MacBook’s battery health. All MacBooks ship with batteries that are designed to last for years, but depending on how you typically recharge your MacBook’s battery, the battery’s capacity can be reduced early leading to shorter battery life. Checking your MacBook’s battery health can help you keep an eye on things and make sure your MacBook’s battery isn’t defective.

How to Find Your iPhone's Serial Number

  Matt Cone       January 7, 2021

Every iPhone is assigned a unique serial number. This isn’t something you’ll need to know under normal circumstances, but if you ever need to check your AppleCare status or have Apple repair your iPhone, you’ll need to provide them with your iPhone’s serial number. Here’s how to find your iPhone’s serial number: From the iPhone’s home screen, tap Settings. Tap General, and then tap About. Your iPhone’s serial number is displayed at the top of the page, as shown above.

How to Find Your iPhone's IMEI Number

  Matt Cone       January 7, 2021

Your iPhone has a unique identifier known as an IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. This isn’t information you’ll need under normal circumstances, but this number can be used to unlock your iPhone and activate it with a different mobile carrier. You’ll need the IMEI number to unlock the iPhone and switch carriers. Here’s how to find your iPhone’s IMEI number: From the iPhone’s home screen, tap Settings.

How to Check Your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard's Battery Life

  Matt Cone       January 7, 2021

The Apple Bluetooth keyboard is one of those rare, indispensable devices I couldn’t live without. It’s wireless, it’s portable, and I love typing on it. There’s only one problem: When the keyboard’s batteries run out of juice, it stops working. This can be an issue when I’m working away from home or trying to meet a tight deadline. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to check the keyboard’s remaining battery life. Here’s how to do it:

Upgrade Your MacBook Pro's Hard Drive

  Matt Cone       June 2, 2012

Upgrading the hard drive is a cost-effective way to increase your storage space and speed up your MacBook Pro, especially if you purchase a solid-state drive. Hard drives are like processors and other electronic components - their capacity doubles approximately every two years. If you plan on keeping your MacBook Pro for longer than two years, you’ll want to consider upgrading your hard drive at least once. Finding a New Hard Drive There are two different types of drives available: Hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD).

How to Upgrade Your MacBook's Hard Drive

  Matt Cone       June 2, 2012

 Tip: Do you own a MacBook Pro? Check out two of our other articles: How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro’s Hard Drive, and How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro’s RAM. Upgrading your MacBook’s internal hard drive is a simple way to store more documents, music, movies, applications and other files on your new Apple portable. Hard drives (or hard disk drives) are large capacity storage devices which store all of your data - everything from Mac OS X to your latest iTunes music album.

How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro's RAM

  Matt Cone       June 2, 2012

Upgrading the RAM is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to boost your computer’s overall performance. RAM, or random access memory, stores the code and instructions for OS X and any applications open on your Mac. Installing larger RAM modules in your MacBook Pro will allow you have more applications open at once and perform more tasks simultaneously. For example, you could open a bunch of memory-hogging applications while ripping a CD, watching a DVD, and uploading photos to the Internet - all at the same time.

Mac Your Xbox 360

  Stephen Korecky       October 31, 2007

If you’re a Mac user who owns an Xbox 360, you’re probably hankering to get your computer and game station talking to one another. After all, both of these powerful machines are capable of playing games, music, and video content. Why not share content between your Mac and Xbox 360? If you’re looking for solutions, we have some answers for you. These tips aren’t perfect – there’s still a lot that can be done in the way of developing applications that can facilitate communication between the two devices.

Import MiniDV Tapes with Broken Timecodes

  Dave Strom       October 2, 2007

Video cameras and camcorders have become standard equipment for every barbecue, wedding, and family reunion. Unfortunately, these devices can sometimes screw up in a big way. One of the more common problems is known as the “broken timecodes” - a problem that results in your MiniDV tapes not reporting the correct timecode. If you record on a new MiniDV tape, rewind, play back what you recorded plus a little bit extra, and then record again, you leave a non-recorded section between your recorded sections.

Cool Down Your MacBook Pro

  Arbi Karamians       August 6, 2007

I’m a member of a small group of individuals who believed they were falling victim to the now infamous MacBook Pro overheating problem. In hindsight, I now believe my false alarm was fueled more by the barrage of media reports concerning the issue than an actual problem. But I decided I was going to take some preemptive measures to counteract the looming problems I would face if I allowed heat to ravage my system.

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