How to Locate Your iPad on a Map

  Matt Cone       October 31, 2021

Did you lose your iPad? If you enabled Find My iPad, there’s no need to worry. As long as the iPad is turned on and connected to a cellular or wireless network, you can access a map that pinpoints its exact location. This should be the primary tool in your recovery arsenal, whether you left your iPad under a couch cushion or on a table at the neighborhood cafe. Here’s how to locate your iPad on a map:

How to Enable Find My iPad

  Matt Cone       October 30, 2021

The iPad is nothing if not portable. You can carry it with you and use it just about anywhere. It’s great for doing work in cafes, airports, or even at the office. But the iPad’s portability also poses a serious problem: It’s easy to misplace! Apple saw this coming. They created a free utility called Find My iPad that can detect the location of a lost iPad with great accuracy, assuming it’s turned on and connected to the internet.

How to Delete Apps on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       October 29, 2021

It’s easy to install and update apps on your iPad. Removing applications from your iPad is just as easy. This tutorial will show you how to do it.  Tip: When you delete an app on your iPad, you also delete all of the information related to the application. For example, if you delete a game, all of the saved games will also be deleted. Here’s how to delete apps on your iPad:

How to Enable Siri on an iPad

  Matt Cone       October 4, 2021

Siri is Apple’s virtual voice assistant. Freely available on all of Apple’s devices, including the iPad, Siri can help you do things like find information, add calendar events, and send email. Siri is not enabled on your iPad by default — you have to activate it. This guide shows you how to enable and activate Siri on your iPad. Here’s how to enable Siri on your iPad: From the iPad’s home screen, tap Settings.

How to Automatically Delete Old Messages on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       September 29, 2021

iMessage allows you to send and receive free SMS and text messages to your friends and family. But those old text messages can start piling up! After a while, all of the old text messages can start cluttering your iPad, making it difficult to find the text message threads you’re really interested in. Thankfully, your iPad contains a feature that can automatically delete old text messages after a certain period of time.

Show Only Downloaded Music on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       September 27, 2021

I use Apple Music and I love it. Being able to stream and download music to an iPad over a wireless or cellular connection is priceless. But there is one time when I don’t want to stream music at all: when I’m using my iPad in airplane mode or when I’m in an area with no cellular or wireless connectivity. That’s because Apple Music displays all of my music in one big list, and I can’t tell which music is downloaded to my iPad - that’s the music I can play without network connectivity - and which music that is currently stored on Apple’s servers - that’s the music I can’t play without network connectivity.

How to Download Music to Your iPad

  Matt Cone       September 27, 2021

If you use the Apple Music streaming service to listen to music on your iPad, you may be interested in learning that there’s a way to download that music to your iPad for offline listening. Downloading music to your iPad might be useful if you live in a place with spotty cellular coverage, or if you’re planning to fly somewhere with your iPad in airplane mode. Here’s how to download music to your iPad:

How to Enable Private Relay on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       September 25, 2021

When you surf the internet with your iPad, your personal information is collected at several points along the way. For example, if you visit nytimes.com, the New York Times web server can log your iPad’s IP address and user agent (iPad), among other technical details that could be used to identify you. That data can be used to track you around the internet and deliver customized advertisements. Understanding How Private Relay Works Apple’s Private Relay feature — new in iPadOS 15 and available to iCloud+ subscribers — helps obscure those technical details when using the Safari web browser.

How to Share an Apple Music Playlist on an iPad

  Matt Cone       September 11, 2021

If you use Apple Music on an iPad, you should know that there’s a quick and easy way to share your playlists with friends and family members. Sharing a playlist lets others see your music and play the songs that you’ve collected. Here’s how to share an Apple Music playlist on your iPad: From the home screen, tap the Music application. Select the playlist you want to share. Tap the … icon in the top right corner, as shown below.

How to Download an Image to an iPad

  Matt Cone       September 11, 2021

Downloading an image from a website to your iPad is an easy to way to save the pictures your friends post on Facebook or any other photo you discover on the internet. If you use iCloud to sync your photos, the saved images will instantly be available on all of your other Apple devices. The process is easy, and takes only a second. Here’s how to download images to your iPad:

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