How to Backup Your iPad to iCloud

  Matt Cone       August 28, 2021

iCloud provides an easy way for you to back up your iPad to iCloud. Enable this feature, and your iPad will automatically create a copy of the information stored on your iPad and upload it to Apple’s cloud servers. If you ever lose your iPad or purchase a new iPad, you can use the iCloud backup to restore the backup to the new iPad.  Warning: If you enable this feature, Apple can decrypt your backup and provide the contents to law enforcement.

How to Enable Lossless Audio on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       August 17, 2021

Apple recently announced a feature that allows Apple Music subscribers to listen to lossless audio on their iPads. This is a free feature and improves the sound quality of the music you listen to. What is lossless audio? According to Apple: Most audio compression techniques lose some amount of data contained in the original source file. Lossless compression is a form of compression that preserves all of the original data.

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor

  Matt Cone       August 14, 2021

Using a second monitor with your Mac can really increase your productivity. Whether you use another monitor as a dedicated display for your web browser, text editor, or word processor, having a second monitor around can make a big difference. Thanks to Sidecar feature built in to macOS, you can use your iPad as a second monitor. You don’t even need to use any cables to connect them — it’s completely wireless!

How to Erase Your iPad

  Matt Cone       August 11, 2021

Are you considering selling your iPad or passing it down to a family member? You should erase your iPad before doing anything else. Erasing your iPad removes all of your apps, personal content, and settings and then resets your iPad to factory settings. Once you complete this process, the iPad can be set up from scratch, like a new iPad.  Tip: Before you erase your iPad, be sure to back it up to iCloud or a Mac.

How to Use an iPad in Airplane Mode

  Matt Cone       July 25, 2021

Flying somewhere with your iPad? You may need to learn about an important iOS feature called Airplane Mode. Turn this setting on, and your iPad may be compliant with regulations that prohibit the use of certain wireless technologies while the aircraft is flying. This tutorial provides a comprehensive look at Airplane Mode and how you can use an iPad on an aircraft. What is Airplane Mode? When you enable Airplane Mode, your iPad disconnects from any cellular and wireless networks and stops trying to automatically reconnect to those networks.

How to Find Your iPad's Serial Number

  Matt Cone       April 8, 2021

Every iPad is assigned a unique serial number. This isn’t something you’ll need to know under normal circumstances, but if you ever need to check your AppleCare status or have Apple repair your iPad, you’ll need to provide them with your iPad’s serial number. Here’s how to find your iPad’s serial number: From the iPad’s home screen, tap Settings. Tap General, and then tap About. Your iPad’s serial number is displayed at the top of the page, as shown above.

How to Block Text Messages on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       April 6, 2021

Getting unwanted text messages on your iPad? You can use a feature on your iPad to block the phone number from sending text messages to your iPad again. After you block the phone number, you won’t get any more text messages from that phone number again. Here’s how to block text messages on your iPad: From the iPad’s home screen, tap the Messages icon. Tap the message from the phone number you want to block.

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       April 1, 2021

Your iPad is designed to keep itself up-to-date. It automatically checks Apple’s servers for new software updates, and it tries to automatically install new updates when they become available. But sometimes you don’t want your iPad to automatically install new software. If that’s the case, you should disable automatic updates on your iPad. Here’s how to disable automatic updates on your iPad: From the iPad’s home screen, tap Settings.

How to Change the Name of Your iPad

  Matt Cone       March 25, 2021

Your iPad has a name that is visible to other devices on the network it’s connected to. This hostname can be important when trying to share files or otherwise communicate with another device. You can change the name of your iPad to give it a personal, memorable name that is easy to remember and recognize. Here’s how to change the name of your iPad: From your iPad’s home screen, tap Settings.

How to Add the Emoji Keyboard on the iPhone and iPad

  Matt Cone       March 20, 2021

Emoji is one of the great joys of modern life. 😂 Free and fun, expressive and easy-to-use, emoji can quickly convey emotions when sending text messages and other electronic communications. But to use it effectively on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll need to enable the emoji keyboard. Enabling this feature places the emoji button on your keyboard so you can easily access and insert emoji into your text. Here’s how to add the emoji keyboard on your iPhone and iPad:

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