How to Update Your Mac's Software

  Matt Cone       December 30, 2011

Updating Apple’s software on your Mac is an important maintenance task that you should perform regularly. Using the latest versions of Mac OS X and Apple’s applications can protect your Mac against malicious attacks, improve sluggish system performance, and fix bugs that can cause applications to randomly crash. This tutorial will show you how to automatically and manually update the Apple software on your computer. Automatically Check for Apple Software Updates You can manually check for updates with your Mac’s built-in Software Update tool.

How to Install Windows 8 Using VMware Fusion

  Matt Cone       December 27, 2011

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about Windows 8, the new operating system being developed by Microsoft. It’s not for sale yet, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can install Windows 8 for free in a virtual machine on your Mac. Using a product called VMware Fusion (free trial, $49.99) is a great way to test Windows 8 in a sandboxed environment. Here’s how to install Windows 8 on your Mac using VMware Fusion:

How to Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks

  Matt Cone       December 26, 2011

Need to connect your Mac to a wireless network? You know the drill. Click on the wireless menu bar icon, select an available network, and your Mac automatically connects. But what about connecting to wireless networks that are hidden? The hidden wireless networks won’t appear in the list, so you’ll need to use a different method to connect to one of those networks. Here’s how to connect your Mac to a hidden wireless network:

How to Set Up the AirPort Extreme

  Matt Cone       December 25, 2011

If you’re looking to set up a fast and secure wireless network in your home or office, look no further than the AirPort Extreme. It’s easy to set up and use - just take it out of the box and plug it in. But there are some initial configuration steps required to get a wireless network up and running smoothly. This tutorial provides all of the information you’ll need to complete the initial AirPort Extreme setup required for creating a wireless network and sharing Internet access.

How to Reinstall Apps from the Mac App Store

  Matt Cone       December 21, 2011

The Mac App Store is a good way to find applications for your Mac - maybe a little too good, in fact. The applications you download from the App Store can start to accumulate, and over time you may need to start deleting them. But feelings change. If you want to reinstall an application that you downloaded from the App Store and then later deleted, this is the tutorial for you.

How to Hide and Show Purchases in the Mac App Store

  Matt Cone       December 21, 2011

Did you purchase an “embarrassing” application from the Mac App Store? Want to hide the fact that you downloaded it? Thanks to an obscure feature, you can. The Mac App Store lets you hide applications you’ve purchased so they don’t show up in the Purchases list. It’s a great way to cover your tracks so other users in your house can’t see exactly what you downloaded.  Tip: Hiding a purchase in the Mac App Store does not uninstall the application.

Check the Available Hard Drive Space on a Mac

  Matt Cone       December 21, 2011

Ever wonder how much free space is available on your Mac’s hard disk or partitions? It’s easy to check in OS X. Plus, if your Mac is running Mac OS 10.7 or later, the interface shows which types of files are taking up the most space, a feature that could help you track down space-hogging files and applications.  Tip: Your startup disk should have some free space available - ideally 10% of the disk should be free.

How to Burn a Data CD or DVD in Mac OS X

  Matt Cone       December 20, 2011

Burning a data a CD or DVD is no longer as popular as it once was. Chalk it up to high-speed Internet connections, cloud storage services, USB drives, and other technologies that have made massive data transfer easy and dirt-cheap. Nevertheless, there are still times when you’ll need to burn a data CD or DVD with your Mac. The resulting disc can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Here’s how to burn a data CD or DVD in Mac OS X:

Reposition Windows for Multiple Monitors with AppleScript

  Richard Myers       December 19, 2011

If you frequently switch between different displays, you know organizing your windows when switching displays can be a real pain. I use my MacBook Pro frequently by itself, and I also have a 20" external display on my desk at home. Additionally, I have a weird affliction of window placement OCD. Admiring Stay, but not prepared to spend $15, I wrote the following AppleScript that will resize and organize my windows when I switch my display configuration.

How to Gift an iTunes Playlist

  Matt Cone       December 19, 2011

iTunes gift cards make great stocking stuffers, but did you know that you can also give one of your iTunes playlists as a gift? Here’s how it works: Create a playlist full of the songs you’d like to give and then follow the instructions below to purchase the songs in the iTunes Store. The recipient will be emailed a special iTunes code to download all of the songs in the playlist.

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