How to Turn Off Read Receipts on your Mac

  Matt Cone       September 10, 2021

Your Mac has the ability to show others when you read their text messages. This feature, known as read receipts, provides visual confirmation in the Messages app that you’ve read someone’s text message. The image below gives you a sense of what read receipts look like from the other person’s perspective. If you don’t want people to know when you’ve read a message, you can turn off the read receipts feature on your Mac.

How to Blur Private Information in Screenshots

  Matt Cone       September 10, 2021

If you take screenshots on your Mac, you may need to blur out or redact private information in the screenshot so that it’s not visible. Phone numbers, names, and email addresses are all examples of personal and private information that should be hidden in public screenshots. The Preview application on your Mac doesn’t provide an easy way of doing this. Your only options in the Preview application are cutting out the private information or pasting a white box over it.

How to Close All Windows in a Mac Application

  Matt Cone       September 9, 2021

When you’re working in the Finder or a Mac application, the open windows can start to pile up. The Preview application is my personal favorite. When working on Macinstruct or taking screenshots for documentation, I can easily end the day with hundreds of windows open in the Preview application. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to close all of the windows in Mac application at once, without having to close each window one by one.

How to Sync iMessages Across Your Apple Devices

  Matt Cone       September 8, 2021

iMessage is Apple’s end-to-end encrypted instant messaging service that you can use to send text messages, photos, and more to other people who own Apple devices. You can turn on an iCloud feature to synchronize your iMessages across all of your devices. That way, when you send or receive an iMessage, that message will be viewable on all of your Apple devices. Here’s how to set up your iPhone or iPad to sync iMessages across your other Apple devices:

See How Much RAM is Installed in Your Mac

  Matt Cone       September 4, 2021

Do you know how much RAM is installed in your Mac? You should. RAM, or random access memory, stores the code and instructions for macOS and any applications open on your Mac. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can have open at once. Knowing how much RAM you have installed in your Mac is an important piece of information that could change how you use your computer.

How to Read Kindle Books on a Mac

  Matt Cone       September 4, 2021

Amazon’s Kindle devices have become synonymous with ebooks. But did you know that there’s also a way to read Kindle books on a Mac? With the free Kindle application for Mac, you can read all of your Kindle books on your Mac — for free. Here’s how to read Kindle books on a Mac: Download and install the free Kindle app for Mac. It’s available from Apple’s App Store. Open the Kindle app on your Mac.

How to Right Click on a Mac

  Matt Cone       August 30, 2021

Think you can’t right click while using a Mac? Let’s dispel that common rumor right away: You can right click on a Mac! Don’t let the single trackpad and mouse button fool you. Both the MacBook trackpad and Apple mouse can be configured to right click. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to right click on a Mac. What Right Clicking on a Mac Does If you have a Mac and you haven’t been right clicking, you’ve been missing out on a lot of cool functionality.

How to Check Which Version of macOS Your Mac is Using

  Matt Cone       August 29, 2021

All Macs come with the macOS operating system preinstalled, but depending on how you have your system settings configured, your Mac may have an older version of macOS installed. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to check which version of macOS is installed on your Mac. Here’s how to check which version of macOS your Mac is using: From the Apple menu, select About This Mac, as shown below. The version of macOS installed on your computer is shown in the window, as shown below.

How to Add Page Numbers to an Apple Pages Document

  Matt Cone       August 19, 2021

If you use Apple Pages for Mac, you’re already familiar with Apple’s word processing application. But depending on who you’re creating the document for, you may have to add page numbers. Many organizations such as schools and legal entities have very strict guidelines regarding the numbering of pages. Here’s how to add page numbers to an Apple Pages document document on your Mac: Open Pages on your Mac, and then create a new document.

How to Set Nano as the Default Editor for Git on Your Mac

  Matt Cone       August 15, 2021

If you’re a developer who uses git for version control on your Mac, you’ll want to set a default text editor for git. There are certain situations when git opens a text editor for you — for example, when you need to rebase or resolve merge conflicts. By default, git is set to use vim, but you can easily change git to use another text editor. Nano is a simple text editor and it makes a great choice for beginners or anyone who prefers a simpler text editor when working with git.

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