How to Access Hidden Mac Networking Tools

  Matt Cone       November 28, 2021      Tutorials Mac Network

Your Mac contains some of the best networking hardware in the industry, but things can still go wrong. If you find that your wireless network connection is on the fritz, you may need to perform some troubleshooting. We talked previously about the networkquality command line tool, and that’s great for what it does, but you may need something else if you need to investigate problems with your wireless network. That’s where your Mac’s hidden network tools come in!

The Mac network icon

Using Hidden Network Tools on Your Mac

Your Mac has several network troubleshooting tools tucked away behind hidden menu items. To access the hidden tools, hold down the Option key on your keyboard while clicking the Wifi icon in your Mac’s menu bar, as shown below.

Accessing hidden Mac network tools

Most of the information here will only be useful to network administrators. But there are three tools that everyone can use:

Hopefully these hidden tools will help you troubleshoot your Mac’s network connection!

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