How to Change Your Mac's Login Password

  Matt Cone       February 23, 2021      Tutorials Mac Security

By default, your Mac is password protected at login, so you’ll need to enter a password to start using your Mac. If you ever want to change your Mac’s login password to something different, you can do so using System Preferences. It’s a quick and easy way to update the login credentials for your Mac.

Here’s how to change your Mac’s login password:

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

  2. Click Security & Privacy.

    Change Mac password

  3. Click the Change Password button.

  4. Enter your current password and then enter your new password.

    Change Mac password

  5. Click the Change Password button.

You’ve successfully changed your Mac’s login password. The next time you log in to your Mac, remember to type your new password!

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