How to Find Software Optimized for M1 Macs

  Matt Cone       April 9, 2021      Tutorials Mac Hardware

Newer Macs use Apple’s M1 processor, a giant upgrade in terms of performance and power consumption. Since this processor is substantially different from the previous Intel chips that were used, developers will need to essentially rewrite their applications to take advantage of the M1 processor. Applications that haven’t yet been rewritten for the M1 processor can run very slowly, so it’s important to find applications that run natively on the M1. But how?

Apple M1 processor

Use this website: Is Apple Silicon Ready? shows which applications natively support the M1 processor. You can search the website for the applications you use to check support, or you can simply browse all of the available applications in the database. It’s a great way to find out whether or not your favorite applications are supported on M1 Macs.

Apple M1 processor

Don’t forget to contribute back to the community if you discover new information — Is Apple Silicon Ready? lets you submit updates about applications. And hey, enjoy your new Apple M1 Mac!

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