How to Force Quit Mac Apps

  Matt Cone       January 4, 2021      Tutorials Mac

Under normal circumstances, you can quit applications on your Mac by pressing the Command and Q keys or selecting Quit from the application’s menu. But sometimes an application is frozen and just won’t quit. When that happens, you can force quit the application on your Mac to completely close it.

Here’s how to force quit Mac apps:

  1. From the Apple menu, select Force Quit. The window shown below appears.

    Force quit Mac apps

  2. Find the unresponsive application in the list and click it.

  3. Click the Force Quit button.

The Mac application will be force quit.

Force Quit Mac Applications with a Keyboard Shortcut

To open the Force Quit Applications window with a keyboard shortcut, press the Command, Option and Escape keys.

Force quit Mac apps with keyboard shortcut

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