How to Repeat One Song in the Mac's Music Application

  Matt Cone       January 18, 2021      Tutorials Mac Music

Sometimes you just want to play one song over and over again on repeat. It’s easy to do this in the Music application on your Mac. Once this feature is enabled, the song you start playing will play over and over again until you pause the music.

Mac music application icon

Here’s how to repeat one song in your Mac’s Music application:

  1. In your Mac’s Music application, click the repeat icon repeatedly until a “1” appears on the icon, as shown below.

    Repeat one song on a Mac

  2. Alternatively, you can enable this feature using the Music application’s menus. From the Controls menu, select Repeat and then select One, as shown below.

    Repeat one song on a Mac

You song will now repeat until you pause the Music application on your Mac.

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