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Internet Tutorials

How to Stop Spam

What You Need

- An Email Application (Apple's Mail, Free)
- Spam Filtering Software (SpamSieve, $30)
- A little time and a lot of patience (Optional)

How to Block Internet Advertising

Should there be advertising on the Internet? It depends on who you ask. Internet experts and pundits everywhere will tell you that we need advertising to support websites and foster the creation of great online content. Joe "Internet-Surfer" Sixpack and his pals will tell you that they hate animated banners, pop-up windows, and even the newfangled textual advertisements.

Who's right? We don't know and we don't care.

How to Blog Using MarsEdit

MarsEdit is a low-cost application that allows you to blog anywhere, at anytime. You can write blog entries offline and post them without opening a web browser. MarsEdit works with blog services such as Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, and Movable Type.

We'll show you how to use MarsEdit in this interactive tutorial.

How to Make a Favicon

Have you ever noticed those little icons in the address bar of your web browser? They also appear next to your bookmarks, and sometimes next to the items in your RSS feeds. These favicons - or "favorites icons" - are more fun to look at than they are functional, but almost every website has one these days.

How to Use RSS

What You Need

- Mac OS 9 or later
- An RSS reader (Download Apple's Safari for free)
- RSS Feeds (Free from thousands of websites)

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