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A native desert rat from Phoenix, Arizona, Erik Kulvinskas has over two decades of Macintosh experience with over 10 years experience managing Macs in mixed OS environments. His passion for the Macintosh platform is second only to his desire to “Macify” the world one user at a time. Erik’s technical expertise and simple teaching method are his strengths. Recently, he was put in the unique position of working in a PC-only environment. This has re-invigorated his passion for the Macintosh. He enjoys spending time with his family, taking part in Christian ministry, and coaching little league baseball.

Mac Advocacy in a Windows World

  January 14, 2007

This article is not a Windows Platform bashing arena. Nor is it an elitist meeting area to puff each other up and reassure one another. If you want affirmation, find a counseling group. This is a venue to examine how people do what they do on a daily basis. To have people think about how they accomplish their objectives and to lend insight to how they can do these tasks better and, dare I say, enjoy them.

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