How to Cancel Apple TV

  Matt Cone       July 31, 2021

Apple TV+ is Apple’s paid television service. Similar to other services like Netflix and Disney Plus, Apple TV is one of the newest streaming services that lets you watch original content on your Mac, iPhone, Apple TV, and other Apple devices. Since Apple TV is a subscription-based service, you will be billed for it monthly until you cancel your subscription. You can use your iPhone to cancel your Apple TV subscription at any time.

Automatically Download TV Shows to Your Mac

  Richard Myers       June 8, 2012

So you’ve read the Perl programming language articles here on Macinstruct, and you’re feeling more comfortable with Perl in general. (If you missed them, see Getting Started with Perl and Using CPAN to Extend Perl.) Now you’re wondering how to use this information to do something cool. How about building a solution that automatically downloads TV shows to your Mac? That’s right. With some free tools, a little configuration, and a few hundred lines of Perl, you can automatically download new episodes of TV shows to your Mac.

How to Rip DVDs with Handbrake

  Matt Cone       December 14, 2011

One could argue that the age of digital media truly began in the mid-1990s, when the MP3 standard of audio compression gained popularity, allowing users to rip vast quantities of music to their computers. Personal MP3 players soon followed, and Apple managed to resurrect itself through the powerful iTunes + iPod combination. With the release of the fifth-generation iPod in 2005, the age of digital video began in earnest. Along with CDs, computer users sought a method for ripping their DVDs into conveniently smaller files.

How to Stream Movies from Mac to Roku

  Matt Cone       December 7, 2011

The Roku video player is a tiny box that connects to your television and allows you to stream video content from the Internet. It’s one of Apple TV’s direct competitors, but with an entry-level model starting at $49.99, it costs only half as much. Purchasing a Roku is a great way to stream Netflix, Hulu, and video content from dozens of other providers to your television. It’s also a popular choice among Mac users.

Introducing AppleTV - An Honest Look

  Wayne Linder       August 21, 2007

Now that most of the initial furor has died down, I think it’s time to write an article about the AppleTV. Why an article now – on a device released months ago and overanalyzed by both press and users alike? I believe that I and others who have had the AppleTV for a while now have enough experience with it to properly review it. Before I go into the review, let me tell you what led me to purchase the AppleTV.

How to Save QuickTime Movies Without QuickTime Pro

  Matt Cone       April 27, 2007

QuickTime is a great application, but if you don’t upgrade to QuickTime Pro, you won’t be able to save QuickTime movies you find on the Internet. Or will you? If you aren’t willing to shell out thirty dollars for Quicktime Pro and you want to download video clips to your computer, here’s a quick and dirty way of doing so. Just note that this will only work with videos and not streaming or protected content.

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