How to Force Your MacBook's Battery to Fully Charge

  Matt Cone       April 13, 2022

Your MacBook ships with a setting called optimized battery charging. This setting is enabled by default and helps your MacBook optimize battery charging and usage. Optimized battery charging helps preserve your MacBook’s battery life, but it also tends to keep your battery charged at 80% capacity. That’s a problem if you’re planning to unplug your MacBook and use it on battery power. Fortunately, there’s a way to temporarily disable this feature and force your MacBook to fully charge the battery.

How to Put Your MacBook in Low Power Mode

  Matt Cone       March 31, 2022

When you’re away from home and using your MacBook away from an outlet, you’ll want to conserve as much power as possible to keep using your MacBook for as long as possible. You can enable your Mac’s low power mode feature to help automatically conserve power. When this feature is enabled, your Mac will make several adjustments behind the scenes to reduce power consumption. We recommend enabling this setting when flying on an airplane, working at a cafe, or doing any other activities that require you to be away from an a power outlet for an extended period of time.

How to Set Chrome as the Default Web Browser on Mac

  Matt Cone       February 19, 2022

All new Macs are set to use the Safari web browser by default. If you’d prefer to use Chrome as your default web browser, you can change the default web browser on your Mac in a few easy steps. Setting Chrome as the default web browser tells your Mac to open Chrome when you click links in other applications, like the Mail or Calendar application. Here’s how to set Chrome as the default web browser on your Mac:

How to Use Apple Pay in Safari for Mac

  Matt Cone       February 18, 2022

Apple Pay has revolutionized how people pay for physical and digital goods. With a couple taps of your finger, you can effortlessly pay for virtually anything. Most people associate Apple Pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch, but you can also use Apple Pay on your Mac if you use the Safari web browser. Many websites, like Etsy, support Apple Pay as a checkout method — in many cases you don’t even have to sign in to the website to make a purchase.

How to Turn On Sound Check in Apple Music for Mac

  Matt Cone       February 15, 2022

Apple Music for Mac provides a sound check feature that automatically adjusts the playback volume of all your songs to the same level. The sound check feature makes the volume more consistent as you play through a variety of songs, meaning that the music will automatically be adjusted so it won’t play too loud or soft. This is a useful feature for people who are tired of adjusting the volume every time a new song starts playing.

How to Turn Off Sound Check in Apple Music for Mac

  Matt Cone       February 14, 2022

Apple Music for Mac provides a sound check feature that automatically adjusts the playback volume of all your songs to the same level. This setting is enabled by default on some Macs. While the sound check feature has benefits, like making the volume more consistent as you play through a variety of songs, it can also have drawbacks. For example, sound check might make the volume of some songs abnormally soft while making others too loud.

Prioritize Wireless Networks for Your Mac

  Matt Cone       February 9, 2022

When you connect your Mac to a wi-fi network, your Mac remembers that network and will automatically attempt to connect to it in the future. This is a great feature for wi-fi networks you trust and use frequently. But sometimes your Mac will connect to the wrong wireless network. This is because your Mac maintains a prioritized list of wi-fi networks and tries to connect to networks that have a higher priority.

How to Add Another Fingerprint to Touch ID on Your Mac

  Matt Cone       February 8, 2022

Newer MacBooks and Apple keyboards have a button in the top-right corner referred to as Touch ID. This feature allows you to use your fingerprint for authentication. Instead of typing a password to log in, you can press your finger on Touch ID to verify your identity. Did you know that you can add another fingerprint to Touch ID? There are several reasons you might want to do this. Maybe you want to start authenticating with your pointer finger instead of your thumb.

How to Sync Contacts Across Your Apple Devices

  Matt Cone       February 3, 2022

The Contacts application that comes with Macs, iPads, and iPhones is useful for keeping track of friends and family. We previously discussed how to add contacts to your iPhone, add contacts to your iPad, and add contacts to your Mac. Now you’re ready for the final step: Using iCloud to sync contacts across all of your Apple devices. When you use iCloud to sync contacts, all of the contacts you’ve saved on one device automatically become available on all of your devices.

How to Add a Contact to Your Mac

  Matt Cone       February 2, 2022

Your Mac is a power computer capable of doing all sorts of stuff — surfing the web, playing games, and even creating websites and applications. But your Mac can also help with the little things, like staying in contact with friends and family. By using the Contacts application, you can save the phone number and address of a friend or family member by adding them as a contact to your Mac.

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