How to Backup Your iPhone to iCloud

  Matt Cone       January 13, 2021

iCloud provides an easy way for you to back up your iPhone to iCloud. Enable this feature, and your iPhone will automatically create a copy of the information stored on your iPhone and upload it to Apple’s cloud servers. If you ever lose your iPhone or purchase a new iPhone, you can use the iCloud backup to restore the backup to the new iPhone.  Tip: iCloud provides all users with a limited amount of free storage space.

How to Restore from a SuperDuper! Backup

  Matt Cone       December 15, 2011

You made backups with a third-party application called SuperDuper! Now maybe the time has come to transfer your backup onto another hard drive. Maybe the unthinkable happened and your primary hard drive failed. Or maybe you just replaced your primary hard drive with a new, larger drive. Whatever the case, you need restore from your SuperDuper! backup.  Tip: If you haven’t yet used SuperDuper! to back up your hard drive, learn how by reading Back Up (Clone) Your Mac’s Hard Drive with SuperDuper!

How to Update a SuperDuper! Backup

  Matt Cone       December 14, 2011

Regularly updating the backups of your Mac’s hard drive is essential. If you’ve already created a backup of your hard drive with an application called SuperDuper!, it’s easy to update. The smart update feature allows SuperDuper! to compare the current files on your hard drive with the files in your backup. If the files have been modified, SuperDuper! copies those files - and those files only - to the backup drive.

How to Schedule SuperDuper! Backups

  Matt Cone       December 14, 2011

Automation is an important part of any backup system. With a third-party application called SuperDuper!, you can schedule automatic backups of your Mac’s hard drive. This is a great feature that takes all of the guesswork out of making backups - you don’t have to do anything except make sure that your backup drive is connected to your Mac. There are two ways to schedule SuperDuper! backups. You can set backups to occur at a specific time on certain days of the week, or whenever you connect an existing SuperDuper!

How to Test Your SuperDuper! Backup

  Matt Cone       December 13, 2011

If you use SuperDuper! to back up your hard drive, you should test the backup disk to make sure it worked. (See Back Up (Clone) Your Mac’s Hard Drive with SuperDuper! for instructions on backing up your computer with SuperDuper!) Since SuperDuper! creates an exact copy of your primary hard drive, you can set the backup drive as your startup disk and try booting your computer from it. If all goes well, your computer will start up from the backup disk and look exactly like it normally does.

Back Up (Clone) Your Mac's Hard Drive with SuperDuper!

  Matt Cone       December 13, 2011

Backup solutions for Mac OS X come and go, but an application called SuperDuper! ($27.95, free trial available) remains one of the best third-party Mac backup applications available. SuperDuper! makes an exact copy of your hard drive, which means you can use the backup drive to boot your computer if your primary hard drive fails. It’s easy to use - all you need is a backup hard drive that has enough space for all of the files on your primary hard disk.

Making the Most of Time Machine

  Wayne Linder       December 6, 2007

In an earlier article, I gave an overview of Apple’s Time Machine backup solution. Today we’re going to go a bit deeper. This won’t be a tutorial on how to use Time Machine, because the interface is pretty simple. Instead, we’ll show you some of the more advanced options. We’ll also see why the format of your drive makes a difference and even take a trip through the steps needed for network backup.

Safeguard Your Files with Online Backups

  Matt Cone       September 4, 2007

We all know we should back up our files, but who actually does? Well, we do most of the time, and right now we’re using two services to back up our email and critical work files - some PDFs, a book project and a lot of Photoshop PSD files. We have about 2.5 gig worth of “stuff” that needs to be backed up. At the moment, we’re using “Backup” from Apple since we have a .

How to Back Up Forgotten Items

  Eric Buczynski       August 22, 2007

We’re pretty good when it comes to backing up important files and folders, but like most people, there are items we forget to save from time to time. This tutorial will show you how to find those commonly used items and back them up for future reference. Bookmarks Before a recent hard drive “mishap,” we had a long list of bookmarks in Firefox that we overlooked when it came to backing up.

How to Clone and Backup Your Hard Drive

  Stephen Korecky       June 7, 2007

When you need to clone your drive, or simply do a full backup, someone usually tells you to use Carbon Copy Cloner (Donation Recommended) or SuperDuper! ($27.95). Sure, both of these applications are great programs, but they aren’t necessary. You can use Apple’s own software that comes free with your Mac! We’re talking about Disk Utility ( User > Applications > Utilities > Disk ) It’s free, easy-to-use, and it does the job right.

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