Articles by Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts is a web developer and designer who provides tech support for a bevy of clients and friends who need a little help with their Macs. In Code Mojo she will be sharing her web development tools and tips to make your life a bit easier.

Create Sitemaps with SiteOrbiter

  February 6, 2008

Websites are getting larger and larger, and keeping track of them as they evolve can be a hassle. If you’re a web developer, you’ll want to create what’s called a site map, a special file that lists all of the pages of your website in an hierarchical order. This file can be submitted to search engines to help them index your website. But how the heck are you supposed to create one on your Mac?

Make a Mac Web Server with MAMP and Wordpress

  October 15, 2007

MAMP stands for Mac, Apache, PHP and MySQL, and installing it on your Mac creates a development environment for testing many of our favorite tools. You can do everything from browsing simple PHP files to testing complicated MySQL database driven applications right on your hard drive. Installing MAMP takes just a few minutes. Macinstruct’s Matt Cone created a tutorial on installing MAMP and installing Drupal, so I won’t go into installing MAMP here.

How to Optimize Safari With SafariSpeed

  August 2, 2007

Does your online banking website or other service refuse to log you in when using Safari? Believe it or not, a lot of these sites are still optimized for Internet Explorer and not other browsers. You can complain to the IT departments, and some websites are compatible with Firefox, but if you are committed to Safari there is an option. SafariSpeed allows you to enable Safari’s debug menu, customize Safari’s look and feel, and speed it up a little.

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