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  Matt Cone       June 5, 2007      Tutorials Mac

Do you print to color printers, but only want to print in black and white? Or do you sometimes want to duplex or staple your print jobs? Chances are you’ll want to do all of these things from time to time, and you’ll want to save the settings for reference later. Well, now you can!

Printing profiles are a quick and easy way to save settings that you frequently use, but would like to retrieve without having to try and remember. No more looking around and saying, “Now where was that option to print on both sides of the page?”

To create a printing profile, all you need to do is dabble through the printing menus to set the options you prefer. These can include things like number of copies, duplexing, or printing in black and white.

Here’s how to create your own printer profiles:

  1. In just about any application, select Print from the File menu. This will bring up the print dialog window.

    Printing profiles on Mac

  2. Select the printer you want to print to. The third menu down (highlighted in red) is where you can find things such as duplex, color, or staple location.

  3. The printing options you can select will appear in the area outlined in blue. Here, you can set the options you want for the specific print job.

  4. Finally, select the preset option (in green) by clicking on it, and selecting Save As. You will then be asked to give the profile a name.

  5. You now have a printing profile that can be retrieved and used in any application at any time.

To use this profile, simply select Print from the File menu, and then select the profile you just created from the Presets drop-down menu.

You can follow these steps to create presets for just about anything, such as the number of copies, duplexing, or any other printing options! Experiment with the settings until you find a set you like.

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