How to Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks

  Matt Cone       December 26, 2011      Tutorials Mac Network

Need to connect your Mac to a wireless network? You know the drill. Click on the wireless menu bar icon, select an available network, and your Mac automatically connects. But what about connecting to wireless networks that are hidden? The hidden wireless networks won’t appear in the list, so you’ll need to use a different method to connect to one of those networks.

Here’s how to connect your Mac to a hidden wireless network:

  1. From the wireless menu (on the menu bar), select Join Other Network, as shown below.

    Joining a Wi-Fi network from a Mac.

  2. The window shown below appears. Enter the name of the wireless network in the Network Name field. (If you don’t know the name of the network, contact the owner.)

    Connecting to a hidden wireless network with a Mac.

  3. From the Security menu, select the encryption level of the network you are connecting to. (Again, if you don’t know the encryption level, contact the owner.)

  4. Optional: Select the Remember this network checkbox to have your Mac remember this network in the future. It’s a good idea, especially if you don’t want to go through this process all over again the next time you want to connect to this network.

  5. Click Join.

Now your Mac will connect to the hidden wireless network. And if you selected the remember this network feature, your Mac will automatically remember and display the hidden wireless network in the future!

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