How to Mute the Sound on an iPad

  Matt Cone       January 16, 2021      Tutorials iPad

iPads play a variety of sounds by default. That can be nice when you’re using the iPad in the comfort of your home, but potentially awkward when you’re sitting in the office or airport. Many of the newer iPads don’t have physical switches to mute sound, so you have to use software to mute the sound.

Here’s how to mute the sound on an iPad:

  1. Placing your finger on the top-right corner of the screen, pull down, as shown below.

    Muting the sound on an iPad

  2. Tap the mute sound icon, as shown below.

    Activating the screen rotation lock on an iPad

You’ve successfully muted the sound on your iPad. To unmute the sound on your iPad, simply tap the mute sound icon again.

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