How to Set Nano as the Default Editor for Git on Your Mac

  Matt Cone       August 15, 2021      Tutorials Mac Developer

If you’re a developer who uses git for version control on your Mac, you’ll want to set a default text editor for git. There are certain situations when git opens a text editor for you — for example, when you need to rebase or resolve merge conflicts. By default, git is set to use vim, but you can easily change git to use another text editor.

Nano is a simple text editor and it makes a great choice for beginners or anyone who prefers a simpler text editor when working with git. You can set git to use the nano text editor with a single command.

Enter the following command in your terminal application to set nano as the default git editor on your Mac:

git config --global core.editor "nano"

You’ve successfully set git to use nano as the default text editor. From now on, when git opens a text editor, it will open nano. For more information on customizing your git configuration, see the documentation.

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