How to Transfer Music from an iPod to your Mac

  Matt Cone       March 13, 2007      Tutorials Music iPhone

The iPod is probably the best portable music player the world has ever seen. It’s simple to use, easy to operate, and instantly updatable. Never before has it been so easy to purchase, store, and transport thousands of songs. It’s easy to take this beautiful and reliable device for granted!


But the iPod isn’t perfect. One of our pet peeves is the inability to transfer an iPod’s music to a computer. This seemingly simple feature has been disabled by Apple for fear of copyright infringement. We can understand the copyright stuff: Apple doesn’t want punk kids giving all of their music to their friends. But there are some legitimate and legal reasons for transferring an iPod’s music to a Mac.

Consider some of these scenarios:

Fortunently, there is a way to copy music from an iPod to your Mac. We’ll show you how!

But First, Some Things You Should Know…

Transfer Music from an iPod to your Mac

  1. Download and install Senuti. This free application does one thing, and it does it well: It allows you to copy all of your music off your iPod and onto your Mac.

    Transferring music from an iPod to a Mac

  2. Open Senuti and familiarize yourself with its interface. Since it looks a lot like iTunes, you shouldn’t have a problem!

    Transferring music from an iPod to a Mac

  3. From the Senuti menu, select Preferences. Select Copying.

    Transferring music from an iPod to a Mac

    If you’d like the music on your iPod to be automatically added to iTunes, select the iTunes checkbox. We strongly suggest that you select both the Artist and Album checkboxes. This will keep all of your music organized.

    If you’d like to save your music in a particular folder, click the Change button and select a folder.

  4. Connect the iPod to your Mac if you haven’t already done so.

  5. In the Source side-bar, click Library. Unlike iTunes, Senuti uses Library to refer to your iPod’s collection of music. After you click Library, you should see the songs on your iPod.

    Transferring music from an iPod to a Mac

  6. Select the songs you want to copy to your Mac. Hold down the Shift key while clicking to select more than one song. To select all of the songs on your iPod, choose Select All from the copy menu.

    Transferring music from an iPod to a Mac

  7. Click the Copy button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Senuti will move the music from the iPod to your Mac.

    Transferring music from an iPod to a Mac

That’s it! The music should now be on your Mac.

Did Senuti Save Your Life?

If Senuti recovered your music like it recovered ours, you should consider making a donation to the developers. Of course, the application is free to download and use, but your donation will allow Senuti’s developers to keep improving this great program!

One of Many…

Senuti is only one of many applications that can help you transfer music from an iPod to your Mac. It’s the best application, in our opinion, but if it doesn’t work for you, use one of the dozens of other options.

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