See How Much RAM is Installed in Your Mac

  Matt Cone       June 2, 2012      Tutorials Mac

Do you know how much RAM is installed in your Mac? You should. RAM, or random access memory, stores the code and instructions for OS X and any applications open on your Mac. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can have open at once. Knowing how much RAM you have installed in your Mac is an important piece of information that could change how you use your computer.

Here’s how to check how much RAM you have installed:

  1. From the Apple menu, select About This Mac. The window shown below appears.

    About this Mac window with RAM information

  2. The amount of memory installed in your computer is displayed.

All Macs being sold today have at least 2 gigabytes (GB) of memory installed. If you need more RAM in your Mac, you can upgrade it - unless you own a MacBook Air. (The RAM modules in the MacBook Air are not replaceable.) See the links at the end of this article for more information.

Checking Memory Slots on Mac OS 10.7 or Later

If you have Mac OS 10.7 or later, you can see how the memory slots in your computer are currently being utilized. Many Macs have two memory slots, and although Apple recommends that you always have two memory modules of the same size installed, there can be discrepancies.

Here’s how to check your Mac’s memory slots on Mac OS 10.7 or later:

  1. From the Apple menu, select About This Mac.

  2. Click More Info. The About This Mac window appears.

  3. Click Memory. The window shown below appears.

    The macOS memory window

Use the information in this window to determine how many memory modules - and what size memory modules - are currently installed on your computer. You can click the Memory Upgrade Instructions link to access Apple’s guides for replacing the memory modules in your computer.

Help! My Mac is Always Out of Memory

If your Mac always seems to be running out of memory, you probably need to upgrade the RAM. You can never have enough! If you own a newer iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro that you purchased in 2011 or later, we recommend that you purchase these RAM modules for a total of 8 GB of RAM - enough memory for all but the most professional users. Users with other models of Macs can find inexpensive memory modules here.

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