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John H. Farr was born in Bryan, Texas on the day Nagasaki was nuked. The only computers he’ll ever use are made by Apple, and he’s been married for almost 30 years. Since moving to Taos in ‘99, John has produced a blog, a heap of Web sites, and a book. He writes, takes pictures, plays guitar, likes long road trips in the boonies, and worships wilderness when he can find it. He and his wife currently live atop ancient Indian ruins just south of Taos and look out on mountains every day.

How to Make a Movie With Your iSight Camera

  July 12, 2007

If you’ve recently purchased a new MacBook, MacBook Pro, or iMac, your computer has a built-in iSight camera. Veteran Mac users might still have the external iSight web cameras that were sold for years before being discontinued on December 16, 2006. Thanks to applications like Photo Booth (which allows you to take crazy pictures of yourself and others) and iChat (which lets you video conference with friends and family), you can have hours of fun with your iSight camera.

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