How to Check Your Mac's Network Quality

  Matt Cone       November 24, 2021      Tutorials Mac Network

You’ve probably heard of Speedtest and, two free tools you can use to check your network connection. But did you know that your Mac comes with a command line utility that allows you to check your Mac’s network quality, right from the Terminal application? The networkquality tool is included with every Mac running macOS 12 and later. This tool provides a variety of stats about your network connection and can help you benchmark your network throughout the day.

The Mac network icon

How to Use the networkquality Tool

To use the networkquality tool, simply open your Terminal application and type networkquality at the command line:

mcone@wombat ~ % networkquality

The networkquality tool will run a series of tests on your network connection. When it’s done, you’ll see the test summary:

==== SUMMARY ====
Upload capacity: 7.168 Mbps
Download capacity: 174.267 Mbps
Upload flows: 12
Download flows: 16
Responsiveness: Medium (993 RPM)

What the networkquality Tool Measures

The networkquality tool uses Apple’s CDN ( as a target to measure the following items:

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