How to Remotely Lock Your iPad

  Matt Cone       June 5, 2012      Tutorials iPad Security

You already know that you can password protect your iPad. But if you have enabled Find My iPad, you can also remotely set a password to lock your iPad. (The iPad must be turned on and connected to a cellular or wireless network.) This can be useful when you’ve misplaced your iPad and need to prevent others from accessing your private information.

Of course, this feature also has other potential applications. You could lock your children out of your iPad when you’re away from home or play a prank on your spouse. Use your imagination!

Here’s how to remotely lock your iPad:

  1. Make sure that you’ve enabled Find My iPad.

  2. Using your computer, log in to the iCloud website. (Or you can use the Find My iPhone app on another iPad or iPhone.)

  3. Click Find My iPhone, as shown below.

    Find My iPad in iCloud

  4. iCloud will attempt to locate your iPad. Be patient - this process can take a few minutes. With any luck, your iPad will appear on the map, as shown below.

    Find My iPad map

  5. After your iPad has been pinpointed on the map, click the green dot. The device window appears, as shown below.

    iPad located using iCloud

  6. Click the blue information button. The Info window appears, as shown below.

    iPad info window as shown in iCloud

  7. Click the Remote Lock button. The passcode window appears, as shown below.

    iPad Remote Lock screen

  8. Enter a four digit numerical passcode, and then enter it again.

  9. Click Lock to remotely lock your iPad. A message in the Info window indicates that you have successfully locked your iPad, as shown below.

    Your iPad has been remotely locked

  10. Your iPad is now locked and protected with the passcode you entered. Anyone who tries to unlock the iPad will be prompted to enter the passcode, as shown below.

    iPad passcode screen

Congratulations! You have successfully locked your iPad. Now nobody will be able to access the information on the iPad unless they know the passcode.

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