Set Your Mac to Automatically Empty Trash

  Matt Cone       January 25, 2021      Tutorials Mac

When you’re done with files and folders on your Mac, you drag them to the trash. You can manually empty your Mac’s trash to permanently remove unwanted files or folders. But there’s an easy way to automate the process. By enabling a setting on your Mac, the trash will automatically delete files and folders that are over 30 days old.

Empty your Mac’s trash

Here’s how to set your Mac to automatically empty the trash:

  1. Switch to the Finder by clicking the Finder icon on the dock.

    Switching to the Finder

  2. From the Finder menu, select Preferences.

  3. Click Advanced.

  4. Select Remove Items From Trash After 30 Days.

    Set trash to automatically empty on Mac

That’s it! Now your Mac will automatically empty the trash when files and folders in the trash are over 30 days old.

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