How to Change the Passcode on Your iPad

  Matt Cone       March 1, 2021      Tutorials iPad

When you bought your iPad, you were prompted to enter a passcode to secure it. The passcode is typically a number that’s four digits or longer, although it can also be alphanumeric. With newer iPads, passcodes can be used as a secondary authentication method when the credential for Face ID or Touch ID can’t be verified. You can change the passcode on your iPad in the system settings.

iPad display

Here’s how to change the passcode on your iPad:

  1. From your iPad’s home screen, tap Settings.

  2. Depending on the iPad model you own, tap Face ID & Passcode, Touch ID & Passcode or Passcode.

  3. You’ll be prompted for your passcode. Enter it.

  4. Tap Change Passcode.

    Change iPad passcode

  5. You’ll be prompted for your current passcode. Enter it.

  6. Enter a new passcode. To change the type of passcode used on your iPad, tap Passcode Options.

    Change iPad passcode

You’ve successfully changed the passcode on your iPad. From now on, you’ll need to enter the new passcode to unlock your iPad.

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