How to Set an Alarm on Your iPhone

  Matt Cone       February 25, 2021      Tutorials iPhone

Your iPhone is many things, but one thing it can also do is act as an alarm clock. When you set an alarm on your iPhone, you configure it to play a sound at a certain time. The alarm will continue to go off until you interact with your iPhone. Setting an alarm is a great way to wake yourself up at a certain time or remind yourself of important events.

iPhone display

Here’s how to set an alarm on your iPhone:

  1. From your iPhone’s home screen, tap Clock.

  2. Tap Alarm.

  3. To create a new alarm, tap +.

    set alarm on iphone

  4. Enter a time for the alarm, then tap Save.

    set alarm on iphone

  5. To enable the alarm, make sure the switch is in the on position.

    set alarm on iphone

You’ve set an alarm on your iPhone! An easy way to tell if an alarm is scheduled is to look and see if the little alarm clock icon is in the top right corner of the screen next to the battery icon.

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