Tell Your iPhone to Forget a Wireless Network

  Matt Cone       April 10, 2013      Tutorials iPhone Network

When you connect an iPhone to a wi-fi network, the iPhone remembers that network and will automatically attempt to connect to it in the future. This is a great feature for wi-fi networks you trust and use frequently. But mistakes happen. If you connect to the wrong network at a coffee shop, your iPhone will automatically attempt to join that network every time you visit the coffee shop in the future. And if the password for a known network changes, your iPhone might have trouble connecting to it.

What’s the solution? Telling your iPhone to forget the wi-fi network. Forgetting a network will remove the network’s password and prevent your iPhone from joining it automatically in the future.

Here’s how to tell your iPhone to forget a wireless network:

  1. From the home screen, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Wi-Fi. The window shown below appears.

    iPhone Wi-Fi network settings

  3. Locate the wireless network you want the iPhone to forget, and then tap the blue arrow next to the network name. The window shown below appears.

    iPhone forget wi-fi settings

  4. Tap Forget this Network. The iPhone will forget the wireless network.

You have successfully told your iPhone to forget the wi-fi network. The iPhone will not attempt to connect to the network in the future. And if the network required a password, that password has been forgotten.

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