Tell Your iPad to Forget a Wireless Network

  Matt Cone       February 7, 2021      Tutorials iPad Network

When you connect an iPad to a wi-fi network, the iPad remembers that network and will automatically attempt to connect to it in the future. This is a great feature for wi-fi networks you trust and use frequently. But mistakes happen. If you connect to the wrong network at a coffee shop, your iPad will automatically attempt to join that network every time you visit the coffee shop in the future. And if the password for a known network changes, your iPad might have trouble connecting to it.

What’s the solution? Telling your iPad to forget the wi-fi network. Forgetting a network will remove the network’s password and prevent your iPad from joining it automatically in the future.

Here’s how to tell your iPad to forget a wireless network:

  1. From the home screen, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Wi-Fi. The window shown below appears.

    iPad wifi settings

  3. Tap the wireless network you want the iPad to forget. The window shown below appears.

    Forget a wifi network on an iPad

  4. Tap Forget this Network. The iPad will forget the wireless network.

You have successfully told your iPad to forget the wi-fi network. The iPad will not attempt to connect to the network in the future. And if the network required a password, that password has been forgotten.

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