How to Send a Message to Your iPad Remotely

  Matt Cone       June 25, 2012      Tutorials iPad

Did you misplace your iPad? If you enabled Find My iPad, you can make the iPad play a sound and display a message, increasing the chances that it will be found and returned to you. Note that the iPad must be turned on and connected to a cellular or wireless network for this to work.

Of course, this feature also has other potential applications. If you’ve left the iPad with a spouse, friend, or child, you could use this feature to send them an important message. Use your imagination!

Here’s how to send a message to your iPad remotely:

  1. Make sure that you’ve enabled Find My iPad.

  2. Using your computer, log in to the iCloud website. (Or you can use the Find My iPhone app on another iPad or iPhone.)

  3. Click Find My iPhone, as shown below.

    Accessing Find My iPhone

  4. iCloud will attempt to locate your iPad. Be patient - this process can take a few minutes. With any luck, your iPad will appear on the map, as shown below.

    Viewing your Apple devices on a map using iCloud

  5. After your iPad has been pinpointed on the map, click the green dot. The device window appears, as shown below.

    Locating your iPad using iCloud

  6. Click the blue information button. The Info window appears, as shown below.

    Playing a sound or sending a message to your iPad remotely

  7. Click the Play Sound or Send Message button. The send message window appears, as shown below.

    Sending a message to your iPad

  8. To send a message to your iPad remotely, type a message in the box.

  9. To play a sound on your iPad, move the Play Sound slider to the On position.

  10. Click Send. The message will be sent to your iPad, as shown below. And if you decided to play a sound, someone will probably hear it. (It’s quite loud!)

    Message displayed on iPad sent through iCloud

Congratulations! You have successfully sent a message to your iPad and had it play a sound. Will any luck, someone will hear the sound and see the message, increasing the possibility of you recovering the iPad.

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