How to Delete Apps on Your iPhone

  Matt Cone       May 6, 2021

It’s easy to install and update apps on your iPhone. Removing applications from your iPhone is just as easy. This tutorial will show you how to do it.  Tip: When you delete an app on your iPhone, you also delete all of the information related to the application. For example, if you delete a game, all of the saved games will also be deleted. Here’s how to delete apps on your iPhone:

How to Prevent iPhone App Tracking

  Matt Cone       May 5, 2021

Your iPhone includes a feature that can automatically prevent applications from tracking which websites you visit. This privacy feature should cut down on the number of targeted advertisements you see on websites. Correctly configuring this feature is a good way to boost your privacy while using your iPhone. Here’s how to prevent iPhone app tracking: From the iPhone home screen, tap Settings. Tap Privacy. Tap Tracking.

How to Share an Apple Music Playlist on an iPhone

  Matt Cone       April 23, 2021

If you use Apple Music on an iPhone, you should know that there’s a quick and easy way to share your playlists with friends and family members. Sharing a playlist lets others see your music and play the songs that you’ve collected. Here’s how to share an Apple Music playlist on your iPhone: From the home screen, tap the Music application. Select the playlist you want to share.

How to Block Text Messages on Your iPhone

  Matt Cone       April 5, 2021

Getting unwanted text messages on your iPhone? You can use a feature on your iPhone to block the phone number from sending text messages to your iPhone again. After you block the phone number, you won’t get any more text messages from that phone number again. Here’s how to block text messages on your iPhone: From the iPhone’s home screen, tap the Messages icon. Tap the message from the phone number you want to block.

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Your iPhone

  Matt Cone       March 31, 2021

Your iPhone is designed to keep itself up-to-date. It automatically checks Apple’s servers for new software updates, and it tries to automatically install new updates when they become available. But sometimes you don’t want your iPhone to automatically install new software. If that’s the case, you should disable automatic updates on your iPhone. Here’s how to disable automatic updates on your iPhone: From the iPhone’s home screen, tap Settings.

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone

  Matt Cone       March 24, 2021

Your iPhone has a name that is visible to other devices on the network it’s connected to. This hostname can be important when trying to share files or otherwise communicate with another device. You can change the name of your iPhone to give it a personal, memorable name that is easy to remember and recognize. Here’s how to change the name of your iPhone: From your iPhone’s home screen, tap Settings.

How to Add the Emoji Keyboard on the iPhone and iPad

  Matt Cone       March 20, 2021

Emoji is one of the great joys of modern life. 😂 Free and fun, expressive and easy-to-use, emoji can quickly convey emotions when sending text messages and other electronic communications. But to use it effectively on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll need to enable the emoji keyboard. Enabling this feature places the emoji button on your keyboard so you can easily access and insert emoji into your text. Here’s how to add the emoji keyboard on your iPhone and iPad:

How to Copy and Paste on iPhone

  Matt Cone       March 16, 2021

For new iPhone users, learning how to copy and paste text on a iPhone is one of the first orders of business. It’s easy to copy and paste on a iPhone once you know how to do it. This tutorial will show you how to do it! Here’s how to copy and paste text on your iPhone: Open the application you want to copy text from. Tap and hold your finger on the text you want to copy.

How to Use Emoji on Your iPhone

  Matt Cone       March 15, 2021

Emoji is everywhere, in everything. 😎 Your iPhone has built-in features you can use to add emoji in email, webpages, documents, and more. We’ll show you how to use emoji on your iPhone to quickly and easily insert emoji in any text. 🚀 Here’s how to use emoji on your iPhone: In an application, click where you want to insert the emoji. Tap the Emoji button on the keyboard.

How to Change Your iPhone's Wallpaper

  Matt Cone       March 11, 2021

Changing your iPhone’s wallpaper is one of the best and easiest ways to customize it. You can use photos, images you find on the internet, or the free wallpaper images that Apple provides. The best part is that you can use different images for the home screen and the lock screen. We’ll show you how to do it! Finding Images to Use as Wallpaper Before you do anything else, you should find the images that you want to use as wallpaper.

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